Sunday, March 9, 2014

ScrapBooking MyBlog!

ScrapBooking MyBlog, it's a collection of margazine articles that I have put together.  It started as a guide for me to follow and how I want my site to be laid out.  This is very helpful technique for web builder beginners.  All you need is a sketch book, scissors, glue or scotch tape.  I prefer scotch tape so that I can easily move my cut outs without getting glued to one place.  Each page similar to your web page, align your clippings and paste them according to how you want it laid out in your web page.
The first two pages I'm displaying is the health and fitness page.

How Sharon Stays Sexy.
Shape Magazine
March 2014

Sleek Physique-Petra Nemcova
Shape Magazine
January - February 2014

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