Saturday, March 28, 2015


Consider "Yourself, Me, Anyone, Someone, Everyone"  a Computer Device, and GOSSIPS/MALWARE as viruses/disease that can
Your computer has three components:  A KEYBOARD, CPU-Critical Processing Unit, & Computer Screen.

Similar to your Computer Components:  Consider your Eyes having the same function as your KEYBOARD; human part/computer part - THE INPUT DEVICE

Like your computer, Your BRAIN demonstrates your Computers' CPU-Critical Processing Unit works in conjunction with you KEYBOARD, & HUMAN BRAIN with EYES.....

In Addition, Your COMPUTER SCREEN is what we call OUTPUT Device, Your MOUTH resembles Your COMPUTER SCREEN/OUTPUT, What is displayed on your COMPUTER SCREEN is basically a result of ........DATA/INFORMATION that you INPUT with your KEYBOARD, being PROCESSED With your BRAIN/CPU, process data/info is DISPLAYED with the OUTPUT DEVICE, COMPUTER SCREEN....

"What you SEE with Your EYES, is DATA/INFO being INPUT to your BRAIN, that process these data/info, the MOUTH OUTPUTS the processed info....."

Having the same concept....MALWARE is a computer virus/disease that can infect or even destroy your computer's operating system  by cloning & insertion.... a GOSSIP is a virus/disease quickly spreads,  mere CONCEPTION of your how your Eyes can be DECEIVED and interpret wrong info (GOSSIP) that can defect a person's performance; emotionally, spiritually, mentally &  physically, or even DESTROY a Person's Life.....

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