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Saturday, March 15, 2014


PALAUAN PROVERB:  "Kemeral di Medochii el Ruar"

"Ke meral di Medochii el Ruar" meaning "You knock it down/grab and Pick-Up".  "Ke" is a pronoun "You", "meralin this context is referred to as "Just" but can also be used in other phrases that refers to a word "True", "Exist", "Real". "di" is a conjunction word that connects "Ke meral" and "Medochii" to make one complete sentence, "Ke meral di Medochii" or  You just grab/knock it off.  It makes sense when it is said in Palauan rather then saying it in English.  "Medochii", can mean "Grab" or "Knock Off/Down", "el" can be used as a conjunction or can be defined as "and", in this phrase "Ke meral di Medochii el Ruar",  "el" means "and" that connects "Medochii" and "Ruar". "Ruar" means "Pick Up".
"Ke meral di Medochii el Ruar" relates to a "person who laughs at his own jokes." 

PALAUAN PROVERB:  "Ngomok A Kerrekar"

Translating Palauan Language to English can be a bit difficult and somewhat awkward when translated to English.  "Ngomok A Kerrekar" meaning "Opening of the Trees".  "Ngomok" when translated to English, literally means "Opening", where as, "Kerrekar" means "Trees".  The "A", is used as conjunction that connects the two words together to form the phrase "Ngomok A Kerrekar", "Ngomok" or in the action of opening [action verb], and  "Kerrekar" or Tree [noun].  Action Verb + Noun = complete sentence.  "Ngomok A Kerrekar", if Palau had four seasons, "Ngomok A Kerrekar" would mean Spring, when trees and flowers starts blooming.