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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

CLEAR YOUR MIND, GET RID OF THOSE STRESS! 10 Minutes of your time is all it takes!!!

SCRAPBOOKING MyBlog... Adding on my strategy for relieving stress.

Sometimes stress can lead to weight gain.  I find myself munching all the time, especially junk food!  I notice that I gain weight drastically when I am stressed.  I tend to eat a lot when I have too many things on my mind.  I keep going to the fridge to grab something to munch on or something sweet to drink.  When I'm munching and thinking about food it actually takes my mind away from whatever I am stressed about.  Thanks to Stress RX from Shape Magazine GetFit workout!  10 minutes of my time, but I feel better, relieved and most of all I can sleep without thinking about what is in the fridge that I can raid in the middle of the night.

Shape Magazine
January/February 2014
GetFit Workout of the Month.

Stress RX
Ten Minutes is all it takes to erase tension and cultivate calm with this effective plan.  By Jeanine Dets, Photographs by Bill Diadato