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Thursday, March 6, 2014

There Are 7 Types of Dreams. Which One Are You?

12,000 Dreams Interpreted
Written By Gustavus Hindman Miller
Revised and Updated By: Linda Shields and Lenore Skomal

The book mentions the different types of dreams:
  1. Nightmares-waking up in fear or terror.
  2. Recurring Dreams-events in our unconscious world that repeats itself for a quite a while.  weeks, months and sometimes in years.
  3. Healing Dreams-dreams that directs us to take action towards our health.
  4. Prophetic Dreams-dreams that forewarns or foretells certain events in the future.
  5. Epic Dreams-also known as cosmic dreams.
  6. Lucid Dreams-dreams that occurs during sleeping and being aware that you are dreaming while asleep.
  7. Day Dreams-occurs in between wakeful and sound sleep moments.
Although dreams can sometimes be horrifying, we should pay close attention to the messages it's sending us.  Signs that may protect us, resolve unsolved matters from the past or direct us away from upcoming tragedies.