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Thursday, March 27, 2014

3 Natural remedies KILL high blood sugar (controlling type 2 diabetes & aids fat loss)

Mike Geary's Nutrition Tips


Research studies in China and Japan are portraying mulberry powder or mulberry leaf extract as inhibitors of enzymes that otherwise turn loose too much glucose in the blood. Food scientists are in agreement that the mulberry plant is medicinal. The challenge now is to develop a powder or extract that concentrates the enzyme-inhibitor action in proper amounts.

It seems some companies are getting close to solving this lab challenge and that pre-diabetic and Type 2 patients will be able to take advantage. One recent study published in the Diabetes Care journal reported that a mulberry leaf extract reduced peak post-meal blood sugar spikes by 44 percent, on average.

A therapeutic dose of mulberry extract doesn't seem to be clearly defined by some of the research yet.  Until then, do not hesitate to ask your health practitioner for the latest research update on mulberry. One suggested interim approach for mulberry is to purchase a mulberry leaf extract in a 30-to-1 concentrate standardized to contain at least two percent moranoline content. And a dose of 100 mg of the extract twice daily might prove some beneficial effects on blood sugar control in both diabetics and even non-diabetics just looking for blood sugar control for fat loss.


Fenugreek seeds have long been used in both ayurvedic (India) and traditional Chinese medical practices. In the last two decades, research has discovered and confirmed the seed’s role in reducing blood glucose levels and decreasing the negative heart marker triglycerides. 

Even more impressive, it appears to increase HDL, or good cholesterol. A therapeutic dose of roughly 2 grams daily has no toxic effects and has the recent research track record to potentially support blood sugar control for both diabetics and non-diabetics looking to lower blood sugar for fat loss benefits.

In my own personal blood sugar experiment using whole herb fenugreek capsules, I took 1 gram of fenugreek herb along with a 40 grams of carbohydrates from oatmeal, and the fenugreek herb prevented any spike at all in blood sugar, whereas without the fenugreek herb, my blood sugar had spiked from 85 to 114.  Powerful stuff!


According to one study I've reviewed, animals given the green-tea based antioxidant, EGCG, had a 50% lower blood sugar after eating starch than the animals that didn't get the EGCG but ate the same amount of starch.

This aligns with other studies we've seen over the years that green tea and oolong tea can help to control the blood sugar response from a meal due to their unique antioxidants.  So if you're eating a meal that contains carbohydrates, you can protect yourself from the blood sugar spike with a cup or two of green tea along with your meal.